Top 8 Great Sights and Landmarks in Gettysburg, PA

gettysburg military parkThe town of Gettysburg has numerous historic sites and landmarks. The landmarks and attractions in the city associate themselves with the three-day civil war that took place 1863 leaving more than 50000 casualties. Since then the town has been a centre of tourist attraction all over the globe. This historical city prides itself in eight great sights that tourist from all walks of life come to have the first-hand experience.

1. The Gettysburg National Military Park

The Gettysburg National Military Park surrounds the entire town occupying approximately 6000 acres. The military park serves as a commemoration of the battles impact on the American history. In the park, there are numerous monuments, observation towers as well as markers that stand tall as the memorial of the events of the civil war that took place over a century ago. The park has taken over all the farms, hills and woods that were present during the bloodiest battlefield in the American soil. The military park’s landscape has not changed over the years due to the preservation of more than 6000 acres that hosted the battle.

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The History of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Civil War

GettysburgGettysburg town came into existence in 1786. The town got its name from Samuel Getty a settler who owned a bar in the area. The town was a center of six roads converging here, a feature that made it attractive to travelers as well as settlers.

Due to the town’s attraction, a railroad was constructed from Gettysburg to Hanover between 1858 and 1859. For many years, the station operated the Gettysburg passenger train service until it closed its operations in 1942. Sixty-four years later, the station was renovated and made into a museum.

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