Top 8 Restaurants, Food and Drinks Joints in Gettysburg, PA

Italian foodWith the vast growth of the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the town has become the center of tourist attraction across the globe. The growth has given rise to different restaurants that aim at making the visitor’s stay memorable and satisfying. Here, we shall look at the top food and drinks joints in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

1. One Lincoln

The restaurant located in the heart of Gettysburg city is a great place to enjoy excellent food and spirits. The simple but exceptional restaurant is designed and owned by Chef Joseph Homes. The restaurant offers all meals from breakfast to dinner. The hotel’s favorite breakfast meal is chicken and biscuit. It is a delicacy that sets the restaurant aside from others in the city.

One Lincoln has a variety of lunch and dinner options for its customers. The meal offers include Maryland crab macaroni & cheese, fresh salads, entrees, stuffed breast of chicken with pan gravy and mushroom risotto among other delicacies.

2. La Bella Italia

The Italian restaurant attracts different people across the continent who visit the city of Gettysburg. If you surely want to have fun with friends and family, then La Bella Italia is the most suitable place for you. These restaurants are full of life and air conditioned. With over 20 years experience in the industry, the restaurant is an expert in all types of Italian and Gluten free foods. For a fulfilling meal time, visit the La Bella Italia at 402 York Street

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Shriver House Museum in Gettysburg

Located at the heart of the historic district, the Battle of Gettysburg in Gettysburg is dedicated to the civilian experience dating back to the famous Gettysburg Battle. In fact, this was the home of Hettie and George Shriver and their daughters Mollie (five) and Sadie (seven) and while many years have passed since they lived here, their home looks very much the same as it did back then. Visiting this wonderful place you’re going to take a step back in the past and witness the beautiful home that features furnishes from the mid eighteen hundreds. The museum’s tour includes every room in the house, but also the cellar and the attic (where it’s said that 2 soldiers were killed).

What you’ll experience

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Gettysburg National Military Park

gettysburg military parkThe first 3 days of July eighteen sixty three symbolize one of the most important battles of the Civil War, The Battle of Gettysburg. In fact, the very fate of the entire country was at stake when General Robert Lee who commanded the Army of N. Virginia led the soldiers N. into Pennsylvania and Maryland and thus brought the war into N. territory. Fortunately, Lee didn’t win the battle and he was forced to retreat after the Union soldiers’ offensive turned out to be overwhelming for his army. Tens of thousands of soldiers died and were injured during this battle, but by eighteen sixty four the last patients were gone as were the cookhouses, tents, nurses, guards and surgeons.

The David Wills House

While there are many great places you can see at the Gettysburg National Military Park, one of the most important places you should definitely check out is the David Wills House. This home was considered the clean-up process after the Gettysburg Battle and the place where Abraham Lincoln added the final touches on his address. His speech eventually transformed the community from a place devastated by war to the symbol of the country’s newfound freedom.

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Different Ways To See Gettysburg PA

The soldiers national museumGettysburg is definitely an amazing and beautiful city and if you plan on having a great vacation here, then you need to know more about the various ways you can tour it. In fact, this is one of the few cities in the US that you can tour by scooter, horse, carriage, bike, foot, bus, car and even Segway. Read more to find out how to make the most of your vacation here.

See Gettysburg by Segway

One of the best ways of visiting the city is by Segway and the good news is that you don’t actually need to have one with you, since you can rent one from SegTours. Once you get there, you’ll be given a quick safety training session and then head over to the battlefield alongside a very knowledgeable guide.

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Sachs Covered Bridge in PA

sachs-covered-bridgeBuilt in eighteen fifty two and costing 1544 dollars, the bridge is 1 of the 3 covered bridges in Adams County and a great historical site and one of the most visited places in the area. While the bridge itself looks impressive and has a lot of historical value, it seems that what made it so popular was the fact that people reported many ghost sightings in the photos they took of it. Many of these photographs can be seen online and some of them are indeed very strange and scary.


The bridge itself was used 1 day after the battle when the Confederate Army and Robert Lee decided to retreat. According to historians, it seems that there was even a small battle that took place at the base of the Sachs Bridge where many have died.

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Eisenhower National Historic Site

eisenhowerAs the name implies, Eisenhower National Historic Site is not only the farm, but also the home where President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower would meet with world leaders. The farm is located nearby the Gettysburg Battlefield and it’s the place where he oftentimes consulted with his advisors to try and reduce the tensions of the Cold War.

Visit the President’s Farm

Comprising of a total of six hundred and ninety acres, the site is very large and offers a lot of great things tourists can see. If you opt for a self guided walk along the trails, walkways and farm lanes you’ll get to see the barbecue area, the rose gardens, the putting green, the skeet range and also the barns in which the General stored his equipment. At the same time you’ll also be able to enjoy views of the mountains to the W, the pasture and the cropland as well.

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The Best Spas and Wellness centers in Gettysburg, PA

spa 2There is no better way to reward your body after an exciting tour of the various historical sites in Gettysburg than pampering it with a well deserving spa retreat in some of the best spas in this city. The city of Gettysburg is a tourist destination and, therefore, has some of the best-renowned spas in the United States. Below are some of these spas;

1. Serenity Salon and & Spa of Gettysburg

The serenity salon & spa has been in the beauty industry for a long time. They, therefore, understand every nook and cranny that pertains this field. The salon is at the Fairfield Road Suite B in Gettysburg. Their range of services includes massages, makeup, nail services hair services and all special occasion services. If you want to experience quality and professional work done on your body, be sure to visit Serenity Salon and & Spa of Gettysburg

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Art, Theater and Concerts in Gettysburg PA

cinemaA relaxed evening is all you need after a day full of activities in the battlefield areas, and in other iconic areas of Gettysburg, PA. That is why watching movies and other performances in Gettysburg, PA is quite refreshing. With concerts on the weekends and full theaters in town, every tourist wishes to stay longer. This guide looks into the various shows and concerts in the city of Gettysburg where people who love having fun can visit.

1. Gettysburg Majestic Theater

Gettysburg Majestic Theater opened its door in 1925. The theater was at that time the center of attraction for the people in the southern central part of Pennsylvania. The cinema gained vast popularity in 1950’s when President Dwight D. Eisenhower frequently visited the place in the company of other world dignitaries to watch performances.

To date, the theater still offers the classical and historical touch it had in the past years. It has however been given a better look, through innovation. Tourists from all walks of life love frequenting this theatre during their visit to Gettysburg. Mostly, movie tickets are bought through their website Next time you want to have a great evening watching some of the best movies in the globe, visits Gettysburg Majestic theater at the Carlisle Street in Gettysburg.

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Top 4 Wines and Winery Centers in Gettysburg, PA

wineThe city of Gettysburg prides itself in numerous winery centers where tourists can stop by and have a wine tasting moment. In this guide, we shall look at the various wines and winery destinations in Gettysburg, PA.

1. Adams County Winery

The winery station has been in existence since 1975. The company grows its grapes needed in the wine production as well as blueberries for making Yankee Blue. The Adams County wines come in four groups;

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The Best Shopping Centers in Gettysburg, PA

gettysburg signA well deserving holiday in Gettysburg is marked by shopping at the numerous shopping centers in the city. Shopping in this city is fun and exposes one to a variety of fantastic items to choose. From art galleries to artifacts, to souvenirs, to wineries and other shopping adventures of the historic town. Here we shall look at the four most popular shopping joints in the city of Gettysburg.

1. The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg

The Outlet Shoppes located at Gettysburg Village is the center for many tourists and civilians interested in buying quality apparel from the world renowned brands. Inside the building, there are numerous stores that deal in different items from clothing to furniture to artifacts to books to anything else the dealers find suitable for the residents and the tourists.

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